Red Ribbon Community Service Awards & Gala

Please Join Us for the 4th Annual NC Red Ribbon Community Service Awards & Gala!

We are pleased to announce that NCCAF’s 4th Red Ribbon Service Award Gala will be held on May 19th at the Nasher Museum at Duke University. This gala serves to honor the excellence and dedication of people who serve the clients affected by HIV/AIDS in local communities across the state of North Carolina. People to be considered for the awards are submitted by the leadership in their area, a panel of NCCAF friends select the nominees, and the community is encouraged to participate in the selecting the winning nominee via online ballot. Everyone involved in the process is encouraged to attend the event which is FREE! We just ask that you register as the event space is limited.

The success of this event will be credited largely to our sponsors, who lend their names and financial support. The money we raise each year goes to supporting HIV-related service activities across the state of North Carolina and defray the cost of the award ceremony. This year’s goal is $30,000. There are a wide range of sponsorship levels from $250 to $10,000, and you can also make a donation of any amount. As a sponsor, you or your organization will benefit from extended exposure through media campaigns and promotional efforts directed toward the supporters of NCCAF. Your donation will enable you to enjoy exceptional exposure to an important segment of your target audience and moreover be seen as a leader in helping HIV/AIDS service programs throughout the state.

About The Red Ribbon Awards

NCCAF's main annual event is the North Carolina Red Ribbon Community Service Awards Gala. During each Gala, Community Service Awards are given to recognize the diligent work of people committed to the HIV/AIDS community in North Carolina. They are awarded with an evening of elegance and gratitude and receive a keepsake to remember our gratitude for their work.

The Awards

NCCAF honored 10 individuals by creating awards in their names. These individuals have made a significant impact on the HIV community over the past decades whether through their advocacy, patient care, management, or education.

Award Names and Descriptions

John Bartlett “Innovation in Research” Award – Committed to HIV / AIDS medical, behavioral, or social research

Lynda Bell “Compassionate Patient Care” Award – Offers excellent HIV / AIDS clinical care and who fights for the patient

Mike Case “Git ‘R Done Administrative” Award – Does whatever is necessary to get it done, for anyone who asks

Terry Ellington “Staying Relevant” Award – Recreates and rebrands using current methods to meet the needs of HIV clients

Gayle Hartis “Case Management” Award – Serves as a voice and an advocate for Persons Living with HIV / AIDS

Art Jackson “Client Voice: Advocacy” Award – Serves as a voice and an advocate for Persons Living with HIV / AIDS

David Jolly “Excellence at the State” Award – Serves or has served in various capacities with the HIV / AIDS system

Jacquie Melvin “Client Voice: Changing Policy” Award – Moves within and beyond the local community to change HIV / AIDS policy

Edgar Villanueva “HIV Funding” Award – Funds local organization that make a difference in HIV / AIDS

Caressa White “Education & Program Development” Award – Educates the community and manages programs for and about HIV / AIDS

Additional awards include:

NC Community AIDS Fund “Community Impact Award” – impacts the entire community, not just those they serve

Sustainer Award – Continued financial and human resources support to NCCAF

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